Custom Build Process

The heart and soul of Freyer Rose, our custom builds are designed to suit you and your family. Whether it's building that perfect table to fit the impossibly small space or designing that perfect wedding gift, we work closely with you to ideate and create something completely unique. 

The process is collaborative, transparent and focused on highlighting the beauty of each piece. Below is an idea of what you can expect.


This initial consultation happens wherever you are comfortable: in your home, over coffee (or a beer), or at Freyer Rose. We will talk about what you're inspired by, who will be using the piece, how they will be using it, and what is important to you in a custom piece. It is in this meeting that we will talk about all requirements for the project and how we will get there. 

Prior to the consultation, we will create a Pinterest board for you to start to collect inspiration and ideas!


After our initial meeting, we will do more dreaming on our end. We will research, design, and draw. All to find the perfect solution for your custom piece. All of this will culminate in a proposal for you including sketches and specifications for your piece, a timeline, and budget. You can take time to review and provide any feedback. When you are ready, we will approve the designs and move onto the actual creation of the piece.


This is where the magic happens. Throughout the building of your piece, we will provide you with updates, pictures, and general thoughts about how the piece is coming along. Again, this process is designed to be collaboratively, and we want you to feel involved and included in every part of the creation of your piece. 


Once the piece is finished, we will hand deliver it to your home to ensure sizing, and finalizing any construction that will happen post delivery. 

If for any reason, you are unhappy with your piece, Freyer Rose will work with you to find the right solution.